AERO-V (Aerial Emergency Rescue Operation Vehicle)
Left-Right: Thien Nguyen, Jingyan (Jessica) Su, Nghia Vu, Si-Kwon Yang


Student capstone project from SAIT’s Engineering Designs & Drafting 2018.

Team: Nghia Vu, Thien Nguyen, Jingyan (Jessica) Su, Si-Kwon Yang

The Vision

Inspired by the tragic event of the World Trade Towers on September 11th, 2001. Project Skywalker was designed to address the global issue of rescuing people from high-density buildings at high-altitudes.


2017 SAIT ARIS (Applied Research & Innovation Services) Capstone Funding

2018 SAIT Engineering Designs & Drafting Capstone Project of the Year

2018 Science Rendezvous – Top Overall Project & Best in Class

2019 ASET (Association of Science & Engineering Technology) – Provincial Finalist

The Issue

Global urbanization of the human population has increased over the last 100 years. With limited space, city buildings are becoming taller to house the population demands. However, methods of rescue have not evolved to service these modern buildings effectively.

Limitation of Current Rescue Options

Fire trucks, man-lifts, cranes, and helicopters, encounter serious limitation with the height and confined space between these dense buildings. The accessibility and speed to extract people from high-rises and skyscrapers become increasingly difficult as the urbanization continues.

Events like the World Trade Towers, on Sept 11th, 2001 shows that there was not a single equipment that can extract people rapidly and safely.  The Grenfell Tower, UK June 14th, 2017 highlighted that even new building codes and standards could not save the lives that were lost.  

Even today, firefighters continue to place themselves in harm’s way because they do not have an equipment at their disposal to rapidly execute their primary objective of saving lives quickly from these situations.

The Solution

Rescue Operation From High-Rise

Project Skywalker, proudly present the Aerial Emergency Rescue Operations Vehicle (AERO-V).  A manned-piloted quadcopter platform that can rapidly extract multiple people from high-rises and skyscrapers.  This vehicle is meant to be compact and transported to the site by an emergency vehicle or flatbed trailer.  Once on site it can quickly be deploy and ready for operations in minutes.

There are no technological hurdles for this vehicle design.  The team has taken into consideration the fabrication process, ground-transportation, maintenance & upgrades, flight regulations, single/multi point-failures, weather, and operations during deployment.  This ambitious project goes well beyond a standard student capstone.  As urban population density increases, the AERO-V will be the global solution of choice.  It will change the way the world will rescue people and even change how skyscrapers will be constructed in the future.

Meet the Team

Nghia Vu

Team Lead

Raised in the small town of Edson, Alberta, I learned that education is the great equalizer. However, it is innovation, communication and determination that will inspire success. With over 15 years in the Oil & Gas industry that ranged from operations to strategic process improvements, it was time to pursue a legacy project.  SAIT was the perfect place to augment the designing skills I needed, but more importantly it gave me access to an environment that promotes innovation

Thien Nguyen

Lead Drafter

Born in Vietnam and moved to Calgary when I was 14 years old. My family was considered poor, so I didn’t have the luxury of having toys. Instead, I spent most of my childhood making toys out of household items to entertain myself. I loved making little science experiments and reading about science. I graduated at the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, but also went to SAIT to become obtain an Engineering Design & Drafting Technology diploma.

Jingyan Su

Design Analyst

I was born in China and moved to Calgary to study after graduating high school.  I am a proud new graduate of SAIT’s Engineering Designs and Drafting Technology Program (EDDT).  I chose that program because of my strong interest in drawing, designing and engineering.  I enjoy learning about new technologies and utilizing amazing software, like 3D printing, AutoCAD, Solidworks, and Revit

Si-Kwon Yang

Modeling Specialist

I am from Korea, and it has been over six years since I came to Calgary.  I was an international student and I am so proud to have just graduate from SAIT in 2018.  The Engineering Designs & Drafting program was not easy, but the instructors prepared me to follow my passion as a structural or architectural designer